Shanghai GMT Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (GMT, hereinafter referred to as the "GMT") located in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High-tech Park, which privatized from the Central Research Academy of Shanghai SVA (Group) Co., Ltd. and invested by the leading venture capital.

    GMT is one of the leading companies engaged in the development and commercialization of China's electronic information industry essential technical standards of digital audio and video codec standard (AVS) with independent intellectual propriety rights. Our mission is to promote China's independent intellectual property rights standards, and our vision is to become the model of "China technology, China patent, China standard, the global market".

    GMT has successfully developed a number of AVS/AVS+ essential technology and products, mainly supplies the encoding and transcoding and related equipments and services to global radio and television operators, including all kinds of terminal digital TV receiver and equipment ....
    More... Brief introduction of AVS
    AVS standard is the second generation source coding standard with independent intellectual property rights in China. As the name suggests, "source" is the source of the information, the key problem of source coding is the coding and compression of digital audio and video data (i.e. initial data, source), so also called digital audio and video coding and decoding technology. Obviously, it is the premise of the digital information transmission, storage, broadcast and so on. Therefore, it is the common basic standard of digital audio and video industry.

    AVS standard is abbreviation of the series of standards of the "information technology advanced audio and video coding", AVS standards include four main technical standards and compliance testing and other support standards such as systems, video, audio, digital rights management and so on. The video part of AVS standard through the publicity, took a decisive step in the standardization in April 30, 2005. In February 22, 2006, the National Standardization Management Committee issued a notice: the second part of the video of ......
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